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Please mind my privacy


It was 2009.

I was out with a group of friends that I knew through the internet and it was our first time gathering as a group — and seeing each other’s faces (for some) for the first time too. We went for food and karaoke. I had fun and took some pictures. When I reached back home, and because it was such a hip thing to do, I uploaded the photos I took on my Facebook and tagged them (we were also friends on Facebook before we met).

Not long after that, one of them messaged me and asked me to take down the pictures.





To say that 2020 is weird is an understatement itself. And I think I share the same sentiments like everyone else on this planet haha. To think that we marched into 2020 feeling worried albeit hopeful — just to be crushed down to the ground back in March. I still remember I felt like January and February went so slow and painful, and then bam — March came into full force. And the whole world stood still. Until now.


{Dream Series} Finally

As I ascended towards the stair, I saw Gil. He was just wearing a plain shirt with jeans but somehow he looked so perfect.

Sadly he was not mine.

“Hey you.” I said with a smile on my face. My best friend deserved that.

“Hey you.” He said back. And then he pulled me into a hug.


{Dream Series} I can never let you go

Seira sat there — cross legged. It’s about time she started her job as a BBQ coordinator for this alumni party. But she was too lazy to even get up. She even questioned why did she come at the first place.

Don’t you have better things to do, Seira?

I do


{Nostalgia} Childhood Jdramas

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Being a 90s kid means that you have lots of things to feel nostalgic about. Starting from the fashion, music, even TV shows. Life was much simpler back then and I could have not been happier. My life was revolving around school, homework, friends, and navigating conflicts with parents. Well, not going to say they were hard conflicts. Basically they were just pebbles compared to adulting, haha.

Anyway, adulting aside, since I am currently in jdramas fever now, let me recall some of the popular titles back then. Gosh, writing this makes me feeling super old somehow. Dang you 30s. (more…)

What has changed?


Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last time I posted a #lifeinberlin series, so I figured out this might be the best time to bring it back again.

So, we have been living for 2.5 years now in Berlin and although German language continues to be the biggest obstacles in our daily life (well, mainly for I and Husband), we are happy to say that we are settling pretty well with the routines.

Moving from Singapore and Berlin brought up a series of new habits and changes in order to be able to cope with the new routines. I think it will be interesting to look at what have changed so far. (more…)