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{Fanfiction} きれい (Pretty)

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Title : Kirei [Beautiful]
Author : itsmysunshine@LJ

Pairing : Naruse Ryo & Sakita Shiori

Rating : G

Word Count : 1,072

Disclaimer : None of them belongs to me.

Summary : Episode 8. Basically, it’s more of a summary? I don’t know what to call it..
Notes : I have to resist myself from crying to finish this *sigh*.

Why did I come here…

Naruse Ryo lived for revenge. He could do anything just for his revenge, including throwing away his true self.

He looked straight away. The library was very quite, and it was still very early. Why did I come here…, he asked again. There’s no way I..

He turned around abruptly. He must go. He couldn’t wait for..

And he stopped.  The slender figure that he was somehow longing for was standing there, smiling. For him. For a murderer.

She smiled. They walked towards each other.

“I’m.. very sorry if I surprised you the other day..,” he started, didn’t really know what to say.

She smiled again and shook her head, saying that it’s alright. He felt so warm inside, like the other day when he held her in his arms. Since when did she start to fill his heart with this gentleness?

“The cookies.. are delicious.” He said it honestly. They were very sweet, and they were filled with love. He did wonder if he really deserved them..

“Really? I’m glad!”. Those eyes were sparkling, and he felt a sudden urge to have those eyes looking only at him.

No, he said to himself. He must go now.

“Well, then..,” he started to walk away. He could feel her confused face looking at her. But that’s okay. It’s better to leave it as it was. So she could move on too. They should.

“Naruse-san!”. And just like that, he turned around again. For some reasons, he just couldn’t resist that voice.

She was holding something. And she asked that question, her voice trembled a bit.

“If it’s okay with you.. will you like to go with me..?”

Fireworks. Next Saturday. Should he go? But…

He looked around, being confused.  She realized that. Because those twinkles on her eyes were fading, and her voice was down. And he hated that. He hated to hear the disappointment on her voice, “I guess.. you will be busy..”

The next thing he knew, he said those words, “No.. I will be free.. on that day.”

And that face lightened again. Her lips formed another new smile.

And again, Naruse Ryou saw that other future where she would hold his hand. The other future that would only exists if he wasn’t a murderer.


Sakita Shiori watched her cell anxiously. People kept coming. Their faces were all happy. But no.. they were not faces that she had been waiting for. He will come, she wishfully thought. Naruse-san will come. She kept her smile. She paid attention more to her yukata and wondered if it was good enough. Yukata is more suitable for fireworks, right.. she thought to herself. Besides, she wanted to show him another side of her. Casual clothes won’t do that.

For a split second, she thought again about how he held her that other night. He was crying, yes. She didn’t know what happened. And it worried her . But somehow she was sure that someday he will told her. He will.

She smiled a bit. A hint of blush was there on her cheek. She waited again. For his prince to come.


The night was getting closer. The sun would soon be set. Naruse Ryo looked outside his window. Just another day of his revenge. Just few more people to die. Just few step closer to the end of everything.

End of everything.. he knew that he must end something today. He couldn’t stand it anymore. It had to end.


9.30 PM.

She bit her lips. Tried to resist the tears that were already on the verge of falling down.  He said he would come, didn’t he… she thought to herself.

The fireworks were over. People were gone one by one.  Looking at them, she sniffled. She turned around, ready to go home. It’s no use.. I should’ve known..


She turned her head again. She knew that voice. “Naruse-san?”

They were both looking at each other. And Shiori suddenly felt happy. You came…, she thought.

“I’m sorry.. I had sudden interview, and I couldn’t contact you…,” Ryou tried to explain. At least, for this one final moment, she deserved all the truth that he could give.

“I’m glad.. you came all this way..”

Ryou felt another pang of guilt. Why do you have to be so kind to me…, he asked himself. And another question, why do our paths have to cross now..

“Fireworks.. are over…,” he heard her saying those words. And he knew what he should do.

“Do you still have time?”


She had never seen such a beautiful fireworks in her whole life. And neither had he. Just the two of them being together, having their time with each other.

One by one of those fireworks were being lit up. And with each of them, her smile was growing wider. She was happy. And how she was hoping that this happiness would never end.

Naruse Ryou can’t lie to himself that he was also happy. No sad feelings, no feelings of killing someone for the sake of revenge. It was his heaven. He felt that the Lucifer inside of him was feeling God’s love once again. With this angel beside him.

Can they just stay like this forever? Can he just forget about all the sins and pain from all of these years? Can he have that beautiful future with her?

“Ah… this is the last one…”

He fell silent for a while, realizing that he was holding the last fireworks. The last final moment that he was going to have with her.

And the answer for all of his questions was no. He couldn’t stay with her. He couldn’t just throw away all of his sins. He was no longer Lucifer. He was Satan. And an angel like her wasn’t supposed to be with him. That beautiful future would not ever exist.

He lit the fireworks slowly. And as it was burnt, he watched her face.

Kirei….,” she said happily. She was glowing. For a while, he thought that he could see those wings around her. Her body was being wrapped with light which is not allowed to be stained by the dark.

He smiled. “Yes..”

The fireworks were indeed very pretty. But …

It was you, the prettiest of all, he told to himself.

And that’s why, you deserve all of the happiness in this world.

Shiori-san, sayounara.


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