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{Fanfiction} Perfect

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Ohno smiled. He would start his day perfectly like the other day he did. He put on his fishing jacket, his boots were done, and his fishing rod was ready on his side.

Ever since he finished his latest drama, he fished like there’s no tomorrow. Cause well, he would never know when would he get this kind of free time anymore. Even with Arashi’s busy schedule, it’s already hard for him to find time to go fish. He didn’t know what would it be if he got another solo project.

“This time, GT. Wait for me,” he declared silently. That fish, so hard to catch. But he didn’t care if he had to stay awake for 25 hours again, or if he had to eat nothing, or if he had to be scolded by the ship captain, or if—


Ohno lifted his head, and he found Nino’s grumpy face in front of his door.

“Ah, Kazu.” Ohno smiled his lost puppy’s smile.

“Where are you going?” Nino asked suspiciously.

“Ah, I’m going to Yokohama,” he answered cheerfully. Seriously, people wouldn’t believe that this guy is reaching his 29th birthday. What’s with that smile and puffy cheek and all.

“May I remind you that you were scolded this week because of that tan AGAIN? You still want another scolding?” Nino kept talking while eyeing the old man who suddenly fell silent for a while.

“Well, I guess I can still go if this tan doesn’t get worse.. Look, I bring a hat and also a sunblock now,” he opened his bag and showed Nino the protection kits.

Nino took a deep breath. This man.. he thought to himself. He took  a seat beside him.

“You’re such a crazy man when it comes to fishing,” Nino declared, still eyeing the older man. “We will take a lot of jobs to keep us busy, and that will refrain you from fishing.”

Ohno went blank. “But.. I want to fish..,” he pouted a bit, and Nino had to resist the urge to kiss those pouty lips right there.

Nino smirked, “Fine,” he finally said. “Now, let’s go find you something warmer. If you’re going to fish for another 25 hours, the least thing that we want to happen is you losing your voice, besides your horrible tan.”

“Eh? But I think it’s already warm enough for me–” Ohno looked at his clothes.

“Not warm enough, okay?” Nino cut his words and dragged him back to his room.


But Nino didn’t stop until both of them sitting on Ohno’s bed. Nino started shuffling Ohno’s wardrobe while the older man kept silent and wondering when he can start fishing. He’s itching to get that GT… he wanted to catch that fish.. he wanted..

“Do you remember what day is it tomorrow?” Nino asked while grabbing a thick jacket and a big scarf from the top shelf of Ohno’s wardrobe.

“Oh… um.. my birthday?” Of course he remembers his own birthday, and Arashi already have a plan for his birthday. They will go for a drink after work, and that’s .. pretty much all of it.


Then silence again. Which was weird for Ohno cause Nino rarely kept his mouth shut..  but no one can predict Nino either.

“Can I give you my gift now?” suddenly Nino’s voice appeared again.

“Eh?” Ohno looked at Nino’s back. He had stopped shuffling Ohno’s wardrobe and stood motionlessly in front of the wardrobe. “What gift?”

“Your birthday gift, of course,” now Nino walked towards him, he saw him holding a big thing wrapped with blue paper and some yellow ribbons as decoration.

“Ehhh~ thanks,” Ohno answered sheepishly. He wondered, what is Nino going to give him this year…?

“Here,” Nino handed the present. And Ohno opened it, tried to be careful not to spoil the wrapping paper too much.

And failed.

Ohno smiled bitterly seeing how the wrapping paper now torn badly. But Nino only laughed.

When the gift had opened perfectly, Ohno was puzzled to see what’s inside : a set of fishing suit, a fishing rod, fishing boot, a cap, and some sun-block. He looked at Nino questioningly.

“By the way, they are not exactly for you.. they’re for me, actually,” Nino answered Ohno’s silent question.

“For you?” Ohno asked again.

“So you can get me go fishing with you.”

Ohno was surprised. “But with your sea-sicknes—“

“It’s not fair that Sho-san have gone fishing with you, and Jun-kun had gone with you too,” Nino cut off Ohno’s words again. “If it’s only sea-sick, I think I am going to be able to handle it.”

Another long silence. Ohno didn’t really know what to say, partly because he never a talker, and because… for Nino to go this far.. it was…

“I know what you are thinking,” Nino’s voice finally broke the silence. “I will never be a crazy fisherman like you, don’t expect me to be like you, okay? I am not willing to get my skin as tanned as you, and I won’t be able to handle 25 hours non-stop of fishing. But…”

Ohno waited.

“I think.. I want to try that world that sucked you in. Maybe.. I can understand it more. And …oh what the hell, I just want to spend more time with you, okay?” Nino gave up finally.

Ohno smiled again.

“Sure, you can go with me today,” Ohno said cheerfully.

Nino smiled too. “I hope they fit me though. I didn’t really pay attention to the size. Aiba-kun chose them for me. I didn’t even know if they—“

“They will fit you, Kazu,” it was Ohno cutting off Nino’s words. Nino looked at the older man’s face. That face was shining.

“Thank you for the birthday present,” Ohno said. “It was perfect.”

As perfect as you, Nino whispered softly.

“What did you say?”

Nino shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Let’s go then! GT is waiting for us!”

A perfect day. Such a perfect day.

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