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Fanny Talks

Finding your root

I always identify myself as Indonesian whenever I introduce myself to my colleagues or new friends here. I never hesitate to tell them what Indonesia is famous for or what should they do when they visit the archipelago. I will tell them proudly that I am wearing batik on October 2nd because it’s a National […]

Hello, 2019.

Bismillah, I have a habit of doing a yearly review on the last day of the year but somehow I missed it last year – perhaps due to the anxiety and unknowns of moving to a new country. Alhamdulillah, it’s getting better this year. It’s time for me to sit and jot down the reviews. […]

Day 5 – On Religion

Bismillah, Wow where should I even begin with this topic.  This is again a very dear topic with my heart – for me, religion is the anchor of my life. My religion is one absolute truth for me. I can’t say the same for everyone, but this is where I stand when it comes to […]

Day 4 – On Drugs and Alcohol

Bismillah, I guess my stance as a Muslim is pretty clear on this. Drugs can only be administered under certain circumstances and if it’s absolutely needed. And as for alcohol, it’s definitely a big no for me.  I guess this is the shortest post on the blog challenge haha. 

Day 3 – Yourself in 10 Years

Bismillah, This is a hard topic. I honestly don’t like this kind of question cause I don’t exactly know what will happen in the future. But to be fair with this challenge… First of all, perhaps I should think of which country I would like to be in 10 years. I have few options: 1) […]