Day 5 – On Religion


Wow where should I even begin with this topic. 

This is again a very dear topic with my heart – for me, religion is the anchor of my life. My religion is one absolute truth for me. I can’t say the same for everyone, but this is where I stand when it comes to a religion.

Day 3 – Yourself in 10 Years


This is a hard topic. I honestly don’t like this kind of question cause I don’t exactly know what will happen in the future. But to be fair with this challenge…

First of all, perhaps I should think of which country I would like to be in 10 years.

I have few options: 1) Staying in Germany, 2) Moving to another country, 3) Going back for good

And all of them are .. possible in the future. If we were still staying in Germany in 10 years, my kids will be spending their teenage years here and most probably they will also be going to college here in Germany. Considering how different the education system here with Indonesia or any other countries, it’s only making sense that they are staying here for university. 

If we are moving to another country, we need to do that before the kids are moving upward to the higher tier of the education system here – so they will have more time to adjust with the new system, culture, and perhaps language. 

We might be moving back for good as well – but honestly, this is the least favorable option in my mind, simply because adjusting back to the old system is terrifying (at least for me). Not to mention that the infrastructure and bureaucracy back home are such a mess. 

But we’ll see. For now, I can’t say where I would be in 10 years – anywhere with my family, I guess. 

Day 2 – Your current relationship


Continuing on my 30-days blog challenge, I am moving to the second-day story. Relationship.

Oh well, I am currently married – and I hope to stay that way even until Jannah 🙂 I have been married for 6 years now. And Husband is my high school sweetheart. We met back when we were only junior high schooler. He was my senior. A super smart senior who once got a perfect score for Math national exam.

We dated for almost 9 years before we got married back in 2012. We graduated from the same junior high and senior high – and even university. Some people questioned if I followed him since young and that made me sound like a stalker haha. In all honesty though, he did have some influence with me choosing my university and my major. Not to mention that his support helped me a lot. But I do like my major so I guess everything fell into the right places.

I also have two kids – Z who is 4 years old and M, a two-year-old ball of energy. Every day most of my exhaustion is because of them – but I am not complaining (often). Would not trade it for anything.

So to sum it up, I am a housewife, an engineer, and a mother. I am still struggling with multitasking all of them, but I am getting better.

See you on day 3!


Day 1 – About You


Entah gimana ceritanya – saya bisa nyasar ke blognya mbak Sali. Kayaknya kemaren cuma random ngeklik blog orang di fungsi readernya WordPress sih.

Dan setelah browsing-browsing beberapa artikelnya, mendaratlah saya di postingan beliau tentang 30-Day Blog Challenge.


Wah, menarik. Kebetulan lagi kehabisan ide buat ngeblog haha. Tapi gaklah, saya kayaknya ga akan sanggup one day one post (uhuk, Reisha, uhuk), mungkin ga akan bener-bener 30 day straight ngerjain challenge ini. Mungkin juga diselang seling postingan yang lain. Let’s see how it goes :p.

For day 1, it’s about yourself and the most recent photo of yours.

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