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Fanny Fangirls

{Fanny Fangirls} A1 Concert – Here We Come .. Back! Singapore

You treat me like a rose You give me room to grow You shone the light of love on me And gave me air so I can breathe You open doors that close In a world where anything goes You give me strength so I stand tall Within this bed of earth Just like a […]

{Fanny Fangirls} I am a happy fangirl

Can we just stop for a while and appreciate the beauty of J-Pop under the name of Utada Hikaru? ;~; This is a good-enough comeback for me because trust me – any Hikki fan is dying for a new album from her. And although “Beautiful World” and “Sakura Nagashi” are both beautiful in their own ways, it’s […]

{Fanny Fangirls} Top 5 Concerts That I Want To Go To

…or rather, top 5 artists whose concert I really want to go to! I am always one for live concert, provided that I love the artists though. And out of all singers I love, these are the ones that I am dying to see in person. * BoA When I first knew her, I thought […]

{Fanny Fangirls} Michael Learns To Rock – 25 Live in Singapore

When the blue night is over my faceOn the dark side of the world in spaceWhen I’m all alone with the stars aboveYou are the one I love * To be honest, I don’t know much about Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR). Of course they are popular in Asia, but I only like few of […]

{Fanny Fangirls} Backstreet Boys Singapore 2015

(Please beware that this post is going to be super long and wordy, you have been warned :p) WHOOOOOHOOOOOO. The first concert that I attended with Husband, and we truly truly enjoyed it. Although, being a rabid mom, of course, I had an episode of heart-wrenching drama when I left the house and Zal cried […]