{Nostalgia} A Walk To Remember (Fondly)


Cheesy title is cheesy, yea? :p

Earlier this day, I read a TBT article of some celebrities posted their throwback pictures. One of them is Mandy Moore posting her old picture when she was filming A Walk To Remember.

She looks gorgeous in her prom dress in that movie, btw. And to be honest, still, looks gorgeous until now.

And that picture certainly threw me back to my sweet memories as well 🙂

Back in 2002,

13 years ago, I was a senior at junior high school. When the movie was out, I was still a broke 15-year-old teenage girl who preferred buying books than movie tickets, so although the hype of the movie was everywhere, obviously I didn’t have enough money (or interest) to go see it on theatre.

I wasn’t into romantic movie either – or movie in general. I was so invested in books that I barely paid attention to movies or tv shows. So, yeah, the movie passed me by just like that.

The one I remember about this movie was actually a memory about two of my friends. They were a couple back then. And to be honest, I can’t remember what made me got close with them. But anyway, that’s another story I need to dig inside my brain next time.

So yeah, where was I? Oh right, the couple. Let’s call him Miss A and Mr D. So, Miss A and Mr D were a couple that likes to do all those couple stuff, e.g watching a movie. It’s easy for them cause Mr D got a bike. I remember one day when we were hanging out with our other friends, Miss A gushed about how nice “A Walk To Remember” is, and how she was going to see the movie for the third time! O.o

All I could think about was,

“Whoa, so rich!”

A few months later,

I was busy with my high school orientation and running around with my Mom, preparing things to bring on my first day to school. I was so excited! I was already sorted to an A-list class and I got a feeling that my high school era is going to be awesome! (boy, how naive was I…)

In the midst of those busy times, one song that kept appearing whenever I go was Mandy Moore’s “Cry”, which is one of A Walk To Remember’s soundtrack. The song is so catchy, plus Mandy Moore and Shane West looked so beautiful together in the music video (don’t judge me, I am weak towards pretty couple).

Fast forward to 2004,

I was in Bandung; busy with my NTU entrance exam and missing my boyfriend badly. And somehow, I ended up with a copy of A Walk To Remember movie on some weekend.

Maybe I was bored with my studying, hence out of blue moon I decided to watch it.

By the end of the movie, I was crying a bucket.

Maybe it was the hormone, or whatever, I just knew that time why Miss A said it’s such a good movie. Screw the ratings, I re-watched the movie again and again, and yeah, ended up crying almost every time.

That’s when I knew I have found the movie of my teenage era.

And now in 2015,

I still love the movie. I still smile like an idiot whenever I saw Landon and Jamie holding hands for the first time. Still cheering Landon when he protected Jamie from his bully (ex) friends – and still get the chills when I saw how Landon proposed to Jamie.

It’s everything a teenage girl would dream of. (Well, except the dying part). And me, being a mom in my late 20s, would love to go back being a teenager sometimes.

A Walk To Remember is indeed something to remember fondly 🙂

{Weekend Makan} Yellow Submarine and Art Cinnamon

Back to our weekend makan series! Well, I don’t intend to make it a series, but somehow we always end up eating out somewhere on weekend, so perhaps it’s good to have it documented as a series, lol.

So, this week we headed to Bugis Junction!

#1  Yellow Submarine

We didn’t really plan to eat here. We were hungry and looking for another option other than … Seoul Garden or Pasta Mania. I love both, but Husband is not. And no point of eating at a place we both don’t enjoy.

While we were looking for sort of food court, we spotted this veryyyy bright yellow stall near Twelve Cupcakes at Bugis Junction’s basement.


Verryyyyyy bright!

It looked like a fast food sort of type, so we were a bit hesitant. But we never tried this stall before, so why not?

We ordered the recommended one – Beef Yellow Submarine for Husband and Chicken Philly Submarine for me. Plus we ordered D-Radar (which suspiciously looked like prata)

We were a bit confused about what to expect actually, so while waiting for our order to be ready, we just sat and looked around.


That display on top lets you know if your number is up and your order is ready.


Tadaaa~ our … cheese fries (?) It comes with our meal set actually. That yellow cheese looks like something I usually see on KFC’s cheese fries. And it tasted the same as well, lol.


My Philly Submarine! OK, basically it’s a sandwich wrap, haha. But I like this! The meat is generous, the sauce is tasty, and not too many veggies! Haha. Yeah, I am not really into vegetarian :p

The disappointing part? This sad looking prata.


Hmgh? Seriously? 3.5 bucks for this crispy prata? I prefer to get the super big one at Srisun, thank you very much. And the taste is nothing to brag about either.


Total damage. Le sigh. Still bitter because of the miserable prata.

#2 Art Cinnamon

This is again found by accident xD While walking towards MRT station, Husband spotted a small stall selling cinnamon buns. So he was, “Is this Halal?”, then I quickly checked on MUIS website, and it is!

The regular size one is soooo big :O I don’t think we could finish them in one go. So we ordered a package of small ones 😀



These cost us 8.9 bucks. And they taste yummy too. Maybe not as much as Chewy Juniors (who sadly doesn’t have the plan to renew their Halal cert, boohoo), but still nice!

Great for midnight snacks :9


Been feeling pretty full after stuffing myself with the cinnamon buns, better go to sleep now!

{Weekend Makan} Teppan-yaki and Srisun Express

When you live in Singapore, most of the time you would spend your time… looking for food 😀 Or in our case, HALAL food.

We’ve been pampered with a lot of Halal cafes and restaurant in Singapore, but most of them are already well known and more often than not, a fast food, e.g KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, etc.

So, I was soo happy when I found this Facebook group. It’s basically halal food oasis! LOL.

Last long weekend, I dragged my husband and Zal to two of the halal restaurants that I found from that Facebook group.

#1 Express Teppanyaki – NEX Serangoon

We only ever ate teppanyaki once in Singapore at one halal outlet in Kembangan. It’s no longer there now, so I welcomed this new halal Teppanyaki with open arms!


I ordered Sliced Beef with Garlic set. It’s pretty pricey for my standard, though. The whole set cost around S$12++, not including the drinks. Taste-wise, it’s delicious. The chili added some kicks! But if I want to go all Japanese, perhaps I’d prefer my meat to be sweeter than this. Haha.

#2 Srisun Express – 212 Hougang St 21

The next day, we went looking for something near our place at Hougang. Then I found this place which is around Kovan MRT – which is only one stop away from Hougang. When I checked out the location at gothere.sg, it looks pretty easy to find, but apparently, it’s not. And gothere.sg fooled me, fml. It said that I should take exit B from Kovan MRT, which we did – only to get lost and worst, it started to rain heavily when we tried to find our way to the place. Poor Zal who was a bit drenched 🙁

It turned out that we only needed to take exit C, and we’re only going to be like 10 mins walk from the place. gothere.sg is so fail these days 🙁

Anyway, when we reached the place and saw the menu, my stomach started growling like mad! The choices are plenty, and to be honest, all of their foods seem sooooo yummeh.


Fried rice US style – ordered by Husband. Ohh love the tanginess of the rice. The beef is so tasty as well!


And this is my Beef Fried Rice. Not as flavourful like Husband’s, but it’s still delicious! I finished this in less than 20 mins. Either I was so hungry, or the food was just too appealing, I felt like the portion is not big enough, lol.


This is Yakult Orange that Husband ordered. THIS IS SO GOOD, I am telling you! The slight hint of Yakult is combined with orange (juice?) taste, and it tastes sooo nice! Kinda like drinking orange milk but not as milky as milk, haha. Does that even make sense? I made a mental note to order one of these when we visited this place again.


And this is mine: Oreo Milk Shake. This one is good as well, not too sweet and not too watery, either. I like! Husband likes this one as well. But perhaps this is not a good drink choice after you finished a heavy meal since it can be pretty fulfilling. So, I suggest you order this only when you’re eating a light meal.

We also bought their Banana Prata. And although the portion is really generous, it’s nothing special. I still finished it on my own, hahaha.


There are still lots of Halal makan places we haven’t visited yet in Singapore. But too bad, most of them are at East side of the island 🙁 Oh well, we’ll make do with what we have now 😀

{Nostalgia} Itazura na Kiss

And so it ends.

Ok, so for those who don’t know, that .gif above is from Itazura Na Kiss 2 ~ Love in Tokyo, a recent remake of the original jdrama “Itazura na Kiss” back in 1996.

I didn’t watch the original one – for a reason that I can’t remember. But it was 1996, so perhaps I was too young to watch it? Idk, I remember at that time I didn’t watch a lot of j-drama and so focused on wuxia instead :p (more on this later).

After the j-drama made a huge success, the Taiwan and Korea remake followed suit in 2005 and 2010 respectively, which again, I didn’t follow at all. But little do those fans know, Indonesia had their version (or should I say.. plagiarised the drama, since the production house didn’t even state that it’s a remake while blatantly copying the storyline) of Itazura na Kiss in 2002. The drama – which we call ‘sinetron’ here – was lead by Agnes Monica and Agung Dumadi.


The comparison side by side with the original Itazura na Kiss.

Before it came on TV, I already heard that it was a ‘copy’ of Itazura na Kiss, which I had heard a lot but never really managed to watch, hence I was quite curious about it.

But besides that… I was a 15-year-old teenager.

The story of the drama revolves around a life of a teenager like me. A high school love story, some more! Being a teenager with too many dreams, of course, the premise of the drama made me want to watch it even more badly. Come on, which 15-year-old girl who doesn’t dream about having a love story at school?

The drama was broadcasted half an hour or perhaps an hour after Maghrib once a week (yep, at that time, TV stations didn’t know about the daily drama concept yet). I couldn’t remember what I really thought about it when I watched the first episode, but I do remember that during that time period I watched it, I was having a crush on someone at my school, hence the memories.

I kinda forgot about it anyway, until fast forward to 2013, I watched the first season of the new Japanese remake with Miki Honoka and Furukawa Yuki (who is so handsome, omg). And I fell head over heel, lol. And of course, I remembered that Indonesian version as well.

Last week, out of curiosity, I decided to search on Youtube if there are any clips of ‘Ciuman Pertama’ (First Kiss). I kinda wanted to reminisce those times when I was still young, naive, and having such an innocent crush.

Voila, found it!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRcNFpK4Yj0?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=https://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=374]

And when I watched it, I cringed.

What is this?! It is freaking cheesy that I almost couldn’t stand the first episode. How did I stand watching the whole 17 episodes back then?! Agnes Monica wore too much makeup when her character is supposed to be a high schooler while Agung Dumadi… just doesn’t look like a high schooler at all.

Even the dialogues are laughable, I really don’t remember anyone in my high school speaks like that.

Or maybe… my standard has changed.

Oh well.

I may not watch this for the sake of looking for entertainment, but I will certainly remember it for the sake of memories.

(btw, that someone I had a crush on at high school? Now he’s my husband :p)

{Nostalgia} Jaman SMP

Postingan kali ini gue persembahkan buat temen sebangku gue waktu kelas tiga, Ms.Z

Makasih buat lo Sar, gue jadi kepancing bikin ginian, jangan cincang gue ya kalo gue nulis soal elo juga ntar, wakakaka.

Gue (dan suami) adalah alumni salah satu SMP di jakarta yang letaknya ngejogrok di dalam komplek perumahan orang2 TNI AU. Kalo kata suami sih, gara2 itulah sekolah kami ga pernah (atau pernah, tapi kami ga tau?) kena tawuran. Soalnya murid sekolah lain bakalan langsung jiper kalo dah deket2 komplek sekolah, secara banyak anggota TNI yang tinggal di sekitar. Masuk akal juga, tapi ga tau deh seberapa benernya.

Anyway, waktu gue kelas satu, trend yang paling gue inget waktu itu adalah:

1. The thing called ‘Orgi’

Ngga, gue ga boong. Emang begitu nama dan tulisannya jaman itu. Btw, emang apaan sih ini benda? AGENDA, sodara2. Planner lucu yang isinya kertas2 lucu ala Jejepangan gitu deh. Gue masih inget banget orgi punya gue waktu itu adalah kado ultah dari Dela, temen sebangku gue waktu kelas satu. Warnanya hijau, one of my favorite colors. Saking sayangnya gue sama orgi ini, setiap kejadian yang meaningful selalu gue tulis. Mulai dari PR sekolah sampe kejadian di sekolah yang lucu2. Not like I have a lot of them, anyway. Why? Go to the next one.

2. Angket kelas

You know those online polls? We used to have one like that, using paper. We’re conservative that way :p Oke, jadi angket ini sebenernya cuma lucu2an. The categories are so common, at best. Ada ‘terpinter’, ‘terpopuler’, ‘terlucu’, ‘terfunky’, you got the drill. Walaupun keliatan fun and harmless, tapi ada juga beberapa yang kalo dipikir2 lagi sekarang, are not really nice. Like, ‘terbandel’, ‘terjorok’, dan satu yang masih membekas di ingatan gue sampe sekarang: ‘terjutek’. Why? Cause I won it. With such a big margin.

Waktu itu murid sekelas 48 orang. And I won the category with 24 votes. It meant that half of the class thought that I was the most ‘jutek’. Gue cuma berasa sedih tapi ga mikir lebih jauh. Then, I told my parents about it (who in turn, told my grandparents), and (much) later I knew that they were sad and worried. Why? Karena dari kecil gue udah ada bakat galak. I am firm believer of my own principles. Kalo ada yang ga sesuai dengan mau gue, gue cenderung defensive and explosive. My parents had been worried about my social life since I was a kid, haha. And then, they found out about that (stupid) poll, so they worried even more. Gue curiga mereka juga sempet khawatir gue ga bakalan punya pacar dan ga bakalan nikah 😛

Fortunately, things improved :p *lirik Suami & Zal*

3. Girl power!

Oh those times. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore were the princesses adored by teenagers like us. Ok lah, I have to admit I adored Britney the most :p Kenapa? Soalnya lagu2nya catchy :P. *suddenly hums ‘sometimes I run, sometimes I hide~’ 

Dan waktu itu siapa yang ga ngefans sama Britney-Justin couple? Klop lah dua2nya. And yes, I am still sad over the fact that they never got married. *emang siapa lo, Fan?


Look how cute they are!!


4. Boybands that are cooler than One Direction

Semoga ga ada fans One Direction yang baca ini *komat kamit baca doa*. Generasi gue emang kayaknya gagal move on, hahahaha. Sebenernya definisi boyband apa sih ya? Bentar, gue cek dulu…

a pop group composed of attractive young men, whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience. – wikipedia

Jadi kalo berdasarkan definisi itu, yang masuk kategori boyband jaman gue adalah yang ini lah ya: Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, A1, The Moffats, 98 Degrees, Westlife… apa lagi yak? Kayaknya banyak banget yang muncul, trus kasih one hit wonder, abis itu ngilang.

Favorit gue dulu banyak :p. Kalo di Backstreet Boys, gue seneng Nick (sejuta umat, gahahaha). NSYNC, ngefans sama Justin (again, sejuta umat). The Moffatts, seneng sama si Dave (sekarang ga ngefans lagi cause of some personal reasons~). 98 Degrees seneng nya Nick Lachey (waktu dia nikah sama J. Simpson, I was so happy). Westlife senengnya Shane sama Mark. Btw yah, among all of them, Westlife ini kayaknya yang paling heboh banget ngetopnya di Indo. Inget banget waktu itu temen gue ada yang bela2in nonton konser mereka di Jakarta yang harga tiketnya wow banget buat ukuran anak SMP.

Cowok2 cakep jaman itu

5. Majalah cewek

Hahahaha. Oke lah, gue ngaku. Setomboy2nya gue, keinginan buat baca2 majalah cewek itu pernah ada loh. Gue malah sempet langganan majalah GADIS dan kesengsem kepengen pake cardigan gara2 liat model nya si GADIS kok modis2 banget pake gituan. Bad judgement, cause definitely I didn’t have a model look. 

Rubrik yang paling gue senengin tiap kali baca GADIS adalah: Zodiak dan Psikologi. Hahaha, ya laugh at me 😛

Ada ‘Aldebaran’!!

6. Kirim2an lagu di radio

RADIO. Man, how time flies. Dari gue kecil, nyokap selalu nyetel radio pagi2, dengan volume yang lumayan kenceng. Doi sih ngakunya biar kedengeran dari dapur tempat doi masak, tapi gue curiga itu sebenernya biar gue dan adek gue bangun 😀 *maklum lah, kami sekolah siang dari kecil, jadi kebiasaan ga bangun pagi xD

Karena gue besar dengan radio, otomatis dengerin radio pun jadi kebiasaan. Dan waktu SMP, kirim2an lagu dan pesan lewat radio itu kayaknya happening banget gitu 😀 Stasiun yang ngetren waktu itu Mustang kalo ga salah. MTV belum punya radio sih seinget gue.

Gue juga pernah lah usaha kirim lagu, dan pernah sekali diputerin. Whooo! Tapi gue yakin ga ada temen gue yang dengerin itu stasiun soalnya segmentasi (HAIYAH) pendengar nya kebanyakan ibu2 dan bapak2. hahaha.

7. Gossip (girls)

Siapa dulu anak SMP yang ga demen gosip? Gue yakin kalo ada yang bilang ngga, itu setengah bohong :p Maklum lah yaa, jaman SMP, yang katanya baru awal remaja, baru ngeh sama yang namanya lawan jenis, baru nyadar kalo si anu kok ganteng/cakep banget ya?, dsb, dst. Basically, hormones go wild. Daaaan, sebagai makhluk sosial, pastinya pada ga tahan buat cerita sama temen. NGAKU AJA LAH 😛

Well, gue ga bilang semua anak SMP itu bocor loh ya, tapi based on experience, dan trend pas gue jaman SMP ya rata2 begitu. Lo kasi tahu si A hari ini, less than a week, dijamin si B dan si C udah tahu. Kalo udah gitu, siap2 aja gosip nyebar ke kelas lain. Bahkan sampe orangnya sendiri tahu! Trus, what’s worse than that? Kalo GURU LO juga tau, hahahaha.


Nulis kayak ginian somehow bikin gue jadi kangen SMP gue deh. Udah ada rencana sih gue bakalan kesana pas pulang Indo Desember nanti. Dan wajib kudu mesti foto di depannya bareng Zal, nyehehehe.

Apa lagi ya yang masih gue inget? Well, kayaknya jaman kelas satu SMP sih segitu dulu lah. Kapan2 gue sambung kalo ada mood 😛