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The Nefa

What has changed?

Bismillah, Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last time I posted a #lifeinberlin series, so I figured out this might be the best time to bring it back again. So, we have been living for 2.5 years now in Berlin and although German language continues to be the biggest obstacles in our daily […]

Alah Bisa Karena Terpaksa

Sering dengar alah biasa karena terbiasa? Bagaimana dengan alah bisa karena terpaksa? 😀

Bagaimana Hidup di Eropa?

Bismillah, Baru sadar udah bolos lumayan lama dari ngeblog hehe. Situasi di rumah juga lagi agak riweuh sih #carialasan. Tapi beneran – udah beberapa minggu ini anak-anak sakit bergantian, ditambah dengan Suami yang juga sempat kurang sehat. Sepertinya immune system lagi lemah-lemahnya di pergantian musim ini. Semoga semuanya sehat ya 💪🏻 Bingung juga mesti nulis […]

The Beats of The Bahn

I stepped onto my train that afternoon. I was so tired I just wanted to go home and hugged my babies. But as usual, the Bahn never fail to tell me its stories

All the snuggles in the world

Being a mother of two is tough – and sometimes challenging. Most of my days are spent on being a referee and deciding what words I can say that will make everything’s fair for everyone. Some of those days were easy and smooth-sailing while the others were .. difficult and I needed to calm my […]