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[Tokyo Day 2] Fail Hakone :(

One of Husband’s dream destinations in Japan is to visit Hakone and to see Mt Fuji. But sadly, it failed big time.. First, we woke up quite late. Second, we struggled to find the ticketing place that sells one round trip to Hakone (Shinjuku IS confusing. I should have learned my lesson). And third.. it […]

[Tokyo Day 1] Tokyo Tower and Meeting Kak Dian

(previously here) After some walking-back-the-memory-lane moments at Toudai, off we go to our next stop: Ueno Park and Ameyoko for some oh-very-delicious kebab!     Nothing much to do in Ueno Park. It was a bit chilly for us tropical creatures. Then because we’re already hungry – and because I want Husband to try my […]

[Tokyo Day 1] University of Tokyo with Friends

I was once a research student at University of Tokyo for 1.5 years. And although I didn’t pass the entrance exam for Master program, this place still holds special place in my heart. So we went there on our first day in Tokyo and met some friends 🙂 We also had picnics with friends 🙂 […]

[Tokyo Day 0] Narita-bound

Our flight to Tokyo took off at 7 am, so we should be at Changi about 5 am for check in. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to be ready at 4 am when you have a very active toddler who refuses to sleep early. We ended up only slept at 1 am, and […]

What To Bring?

I wouldn’t mind much on what to bring if I travel alone haha. For my trip to Tokyo last year, I was even more concerned on stuffs I need to prepare for bringing my breastmilk back. Warm clothes what?  But this trip is a family trip. Bringing non-essential stuffs is going to be inevitable 😓 […]

Visa Application

When I told my colleagues that I am gonna need to apply for Japan visa, most of them were surprised 😓 What do you mean you need to apply for Visa just to go to Japan? I thought Indonesians don’t need to apply! Well, sorry to burst your bubble… but yep, Indonesians DO still need […]