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New Kid on The Block!

One fine Saturday morning, we were getting ready to visit one of our friends. And out of the blue, this boy decided to ditch his hate for a hat and even posed for few pictures! Oh how my boy has grown. I am so gonna miss his babbles soon ;~;

When Zal learns to do prayer

  Lately we have this routine at home that whenever one of us is going to perform prayer, we will tell Zal: “Zal, come on, let’s do ‘Allahu akbar’!” I didn’t know since when that he started to understand that ‘Allahu akbar’ means doing prayer for him, but whenever we tell those words to him, he will take […]

Aww :’)

  Was browsing through photos in my phone and these ones from three months ago really warm my heart :’)


Someday, somehow. With my family to the happiest place on earth.