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Phone Call with Zal

Mama : “Udah mandi belum?” Zal : “BLUUUUU” (trans: belum) Mama : “Lagi mamam?” Zal : “Am!” (trans: makan) Mama: “Sayang Mama gimana?” Zal : “Emm-maaah!” (trans: em-muaahhh) Mama : “Ya udah deh. Assalamu’alaikum.” Zal : “Calam!” (trans: Wa’alaikumsalam). * He’s been so chatty these recent weeks it’s so fun to guess what does he mean sometimes x)


Passed my DFP Certification Exam, hooray! Okay, perhaps this is not really a big of a deal, but I am pretty proud of myself. And this is one of my target for this year, so YAY! Now, time to catch up on some sleep, zzzz.


So there’s this boy. He kinda stole my heart. And he calls me “Mama”. Selfie session is so fun now that he understands how to pose in front of the camera 🙂


I am just a human. I am weak. And I have my uncertainties sometimes. But being a Muslim, I know that I am in good hand. Allah will take care of everything for me, as long as I do my best according to His way. It’s a blessing to be a Muslim.


islamic-quotes: Made by: Instagram | @sunnah4you More islamic quotes HERE   So many troubles in my life that won’t be solved without Allah’s guide. Without His help, without His mercy. Truly, only on Him we rely on everything.


islamicthinking: Perspective This pierces my heart. So many things I am blessed with, and yet I am still being an ungrateful spoiled brat that acts like world is never fair to me. I may not live a very rich life, but I live a very blessed one. A warm family, a roof over my head, […]