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It was nice to be appreciated for your hard work Me, 2016 Back in 2014, I felt so hurt and unappreciated by some people that I thought care about me. It was a very toxic environment. So I decided to leave. With Allah’s help, I started rebuilding my professional career with new mindset and environment. […]

Laa Tahzan

Laa Takhof Wa Laa Tahzan Innallaha Ma’ana Allah is always with us, indeed.


Finish your bond first. Don’t try to run for it. Even though you can run now, Allah will ask for it in the Hereafter That was Husband, sometime ago One of the things that I admire the most from my Husband is how he always tries his best to keep his promises to anyone. You […]


I don’t care how you are going to give me some answers as long as I’ve done my part which is, you know,  HARASSING you to answer my questions. #shitpeoplesaytosavetheirfaces #shamelesspeople #heartlessbunch


Now it seems to me that Baby Fair is much more interesting than IT Show Nelman (21.03.15, after visiting an IT Show)